Dutch Cocoa

Dutch Cocoa plant and offices, Amsterdam, Holland

Dutch Cocoa’s history of producing the highest quality cocoa ingredients began in 1863. Today, the company is using nearly 150 years of experience in our purpose built plant located near the port of Amsterdam, Holland.

In 2005, Dutch Cocoa became part of the Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation, an international company specializing in production and trade of agricultural commodities. This partnership has strengthened Dutch Cocoa’s raw material sourcing capability as well as enabled significant investment in the factory, increasing capacity and efficiency while maintaining consistent quality.

Newtown Foods USA’s partnership with Dutch Cocoa began in 1989. Our companies share a philosophy that is driven by long term, customer focused relationships and a commitment to quality in products and service.

Visit Dutch Cocoa’s website:  dutchcocoa.com

Cocoa pods in Ghana
Cocoa beans are arriving from Ghana
The cocoa press converts cocoa liquor to butter and cake

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